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What do I need to know?

Frequently asked questions

What do I wear to class?


Active wear and sneakers.

What should I bring to class?


A bottle of water.


Where are classes held?


Classes are held in locations around Australia. Check out the ‘locations’ menu for a full list


Do I need any previous dance experience to join Choo La La?


No dance experience is required. Choo la la is a welcoming, non competitive environment with classes to suit all levels of experience.


Can I do more than one Choo La La class?


Everyone who joins must first enrol in our signature Burlesque Fusion class. If you want more we have additional class styles available. 

  • SSS – Sexy, Stretch, Strip

  • R&R – Raunchy and Risqué

  • LLL – la la Lyrical

  • Twerk Train

  • Tap & Slap

You are able to participate in as many optional classes as you would like.


How long do the classes go for?


Each class runs for 1 hour

Do you have to participate in the show to be able to do the classes?

The show isn’t compulsory, however, most women participate, even those who thought they never could. With the support of your instructor and your Choo sisters, as the weeks progress, you will feel inspired and empowered and ready to take the stage.

Please note that there is an exception for our Adelaide Fringe blocks, due to popular demand and having the chance to perform in the Adelaide Fringe we do require all ladies to participate in the show.


When do class fees have to be paid by?

Once signed up for a block, you must be signed up to a payment plan or have paid upfront prior to your first lesson.

What dance shoes/ accessories do I need to purchase for the show?


You may need to purchase black chorus shoes and black lace up boots (depending on costume for your routines). You will also be required to purchase skin tone tights and black fish net tights. See images below.

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