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Are You Ready to Help Bring Sexy to the Suburbs and

 Empower Women to Unleash Their Cheeky Side?

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Welcome to 

Australia's Fastest Moving Burlesque Fusion Dance Community

With 19 locations in South Australia and an exciting expansion to Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Central Coast, Choo La La is revolutionising dance with its unique Burlesque fusion approach.

What is Burlesque Fusion?

We adore the concept of traditional Burlesque, infused with various styles and showgirl struts, tailored for all levels, ages, shapes, and backgrounds!


Meet Melony:

Founder of of Choo La La

Melony, the founder of Choo La La, had a successful career as a showgirl, traveling the world. Despite being only 5ft 2 and not fitting the typical dancer's profile, she carved an amazing career for herself. She knew once she had found her place to call home, she wanted to create a space where all women could feel like their very own showgirl in the spotlight.

Our Growth:

From a Community Hall to Thousands

From just 6 women in a community hall, Choo La La now boasts thousands of women shaking it up weekly in class and working towards big stage productions in front of friends and family, with audiences of up to 2000 people! We are incredibly proud of our community and the transformation, healing, and empowerment experienced through Burlesque fusion. We've even created a documentary called "UNLEASH," which is about to be featured on SBS, Viceland, Amazon UK, NZ, and more.


How Can You Help Women Shine in a Safe, Secure Spotlight?

We are looking for fun, nurturing mamma bears (and papa bears) to lead Choo La La dance classes in multiple areas in Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Central Coast.


Can You Transform People from Sofa to Stage in 12 Weeks?

You'll be uniting Mums returning to movement, busy superwomen, students seeking connection, and grandmas who've always dreamed of being on stage. With your support and leadership, you'll prepare these amazing individuals for their moment in the spotlight, clad in sexy, cheeky costumes and dazzling routines that leave audiences wanting more.

Who Are We Looking To Meet?

Most of our instructors started with limited or no teaching background. While they love dancing, we cherish people who can create a weekly hen party experience while supporting the class to get ready for big stage shows. Trust us, they're epic!


If You're the Right Fit,

We'll Train You to be a Burlesque fusion Instructor! 

So, what we're saying is, if you're all about our culture, we can train you to be rock stars and teach you how to deliver our Choo La La programs.

Ready to Empower Others?

If you're ready to empower others, take a creative break from your 9-5, grow sisterhood in your community, and help women shine, please get in touch and fill out the details below:



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