Halloween Class Payments 

Halloween Block Payments - With Show

*Includes all classes, dress rehearsal fee and compulsory costumes, shipping & handling and a small transaction fee for D/D options


**If you are participating in more than 2 bonus classes please contact us directly for your payment options. 


*** Please note as mentioned on your information sheet everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the opening and closing routines, although they are not compulsory most people tend to be involved as it’s an awesome experience performing with the whole cast! If you would like to be involved in the opener we will require you to purchase one extra uniform costume that the whole cast will wear, this will be organised at a later date. Cost will be $40. The closing routine as mention will be your chance to ReCHOOse a costume of your choice.

1 Class per Week - Burlesque Fusion (BF) Only. Includes 2 Costumes

upfront payment_upfront 99-04.jpg
weeklu payment_weekly 15.5 7week-04.jpg
monthly payment_monthly 51-01.jpg

2 Classes per Week - BF + 1 x Bonus Class. Includes 3 Costumes

upfront payment_upfront 99-05.jpg
weeklu payment_weekly 15.5 7week-05.jpg
monthly payment_monthly 51-02.jpg

3 Classes per Week - BF + 2 x Bonus Class. Includes 4 Costumes

upfront payment_upfront 99-06.jpg
weeklu payment_weekly 15.5 7week-06.jpg
monthly payment_monthly 51-03.jpg

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