Welcome to Choo! We are so excited to meet you all!! Please read the following information below in preparation for your classes, commencing from the 7th January!

PAYMENTS: are to be made on the first week of class either by EFTPOS ($1.50 surcharge fee) OR cash on arrival. (Please arrive 10-15mins earlier to class to allow time for payments).

No bank transfers please. After the fringe block, we will be processing class payments online.

CHOO MANUAL: Please click on the link below & familiarise yourself with our “We Welcome Choo” Manual prior to your first class.

[vc_single_image image=”2356″ img_size=”medium”]

CAR PARKING: Please do not park in the car park located at the back of Platform 56. Please park along Woodville Road or Bower Road.

If you have any questions before classes commence, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can be contacted on what’s app or my mobile ❤

FRINGE PASSES: We endeavour to get everyone who is participating in the Swingesque Legends Fringe Show an artist pass. Last year they gave everyone a pass but the year before they didn’t, we will try our absolute best but cannot guarantee anything. In order to get a Fringe Artist Pass, please click on the link below & book in prior to the 7th of January 2019.


Please note: You DO NOT need to attend this event, we just need you to register online so that we can get you a Fringe Pass if you are doing the show and so that you can attend classes. Please make sure your email is current and your first/last name is spelt correctly.


Also Note: -This will also be our new registration process, even though you may not be doing the show you will still need to click on the link to register for Choo la la. This must be completed prior to the 7th January 2019